Founded in 1999, the Penn Hindu & Jain Association, formerly known as the Hindu Students Council & Young Jains of America, is a student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania. With over one hundred members and an extensive alumni network, Penn HJA serves to raise awareness of the Hindu and Jain faiths and foster further development of these communities in the greater Philadelphia area. Through a wide variety of services and events, Penn HJA aims to be a home to anyone seeking to explore their spiritual, religious, or social interests. People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join.

HJA Board 2022

A group committed to providing a spiritual space for the Penn community.

Arushi Aggarwal
Niki Patel
Om Gandhi
Shobhit Prasad
Shreya Mehta
Vaishnavi Pachava
Kayla Patel
Kunal Jadeja
Samarth Jain
Nesha Subramanian
Emily Paul
Rohana Sree Gullapalli
Ashrit Challa
Manya Gauba